Chun Zhang Kai strathmann by NIKLAS HLAWATSCH

Dancer, choreographer Chun Zhang (1988, Shanghai, China) met Kai Strathmann in 2015, during their master of choreography study, in the Folkwang University of Arts, Essen, Germany. In 2019, both of their productions with the Folkwang Dance Studio got nominated by the renowned Kurt Jooss Prize. Chun won the jury prize with her piece 'Being Far Away From' at the end. Same year, they founded YIBU DANCE. 'Yibu, Yibu' means 'step by step' in Chinese, representing the ethics and aesthetics of the ensemble:

Vision - challenging the existing notions of dance, they strive for visual, playful, refined and inventive approaches, guiding to movement observations that have never been experienced before.

Originality - Treasuring research and experimentation, each production has its own unique creative process that derives from movement exploration and may involve sound, light, video, design and stage set.

Execution - demanding consequent and precise physicality, movement techniques have been released from genres and styles, and serve directly for the expression.

Their works have been invited, shown and resided in Fabrik Heeder, TanzFaktur, International Tanzmesse Düsseldorf, Festival Tanz NRW, First and Further Steps Festival, Move Festival, Campania Teatro Festival (IT), SILK Kliscope (AT), Yokohama Dance Collective (JP) among other theaters in Germany and China. They collaborate with other freelance artists from diverse disciplines and engage in artistic researches, workshops and dance films.


Artisitic director, choreographer, dancer, co-founder: Chun Zhang  CV

Music/Sound design, co-founder: Kai Strathmann  CV

Freelance artists: see each production

Sponsors: Kurt Jooss Förderpreis, Stadt Essen, Stadt Krefeld, Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft NRW, Fonds Dastellende Künste, Landesbüro Freie Darstellende Künste, Stadt Arnsberg, Stadt Velbert, Dachverband Tanz, Kreativ Transfer, NRW Landesbüro Tanz, Bihong Zhao, Xiaoming Zhang

Partners and friends: Beijing Dance Academy, Folkwang University of Arts, Folkwang Tanzstudio, Fabrik Heeder, International Tanzmesse, Lehmbruck Museum, Landesbüro Tanz, TanzTausch Festival, Cinars, Tanzfaktur, SILK Kliscope, Sauerland-Theater, Campania Teatro Festival, China Shanghai International Arts Festival, Yokohama Dance Collective, CN D Lyon

Regnet es, choreo: Kai Strathmann, Photo: Shan Gao

Adr. Werdener Strasse. 142 42549 Velbert DE


Legal Representative Chun Zhang

VAT Number DE321713964