The seven thousand years old book I Ching is composed of 64 Oraclediagrams. Each diagram has a Pictogram and its philosophy. The pictogram is highly concentrated and simplified notation of 64 phenomenon of the eight elements in the nature: sky, earth, fire, water, wind, thunder, mountain and swamp; the philosophy behind each pictogram is given by many generations of scientists and scholars worldwide: the elements in nature exist according to a foundamental pattern, and how can human change its own fate according to that--an ultimate Epiphany, providing deep insight and inspiration to many actuall social phenomenon. 

Since 2020, two diagrams from the 64 oracles will be randomly pulled out, as the choreographic notations and guideline of one dance evening with two middle length stage productions-the Epiphanies. Each of them is a deep conversation between the arts of movements and spirituality. After 32 years, Chun Zhang, the in 1988 born choreographer will turn exactly 64 years old, with 64 Epiphanies.


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