The company

'YIBU' is the contemporary dance company founded in 2019 by the choreographer couple Chun Zhang and Kai Strathmann. The members are alumnus of Folkwang University of Arts, Institution of Contemporary Dance.

 'Yi Bu' means in Chinese 'one step' and “ YiBu, YiBu” means “step by step”, stands for our ethic and aesthetic:

Profound, Present and Steady.


I. The art of creating dance is to create new aesthetic forms of human liveliness.

II. Total Integraty and independence: There's no 'Interpreter', the human lives with his ever-changing expressions.

III.The movements and space define and create each other simultaneously.


what? Creative movements of the human body, objects and space time, out of the context of any traditional style and genre.

why? Dance language is an abstraction of feelings and meanings. It comes from necessity and individuality.

How? Yibu System


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Cubic Studios, Düsseldorf

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In der Rahmen Nacht der Museum 


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